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National Youth Chess Championship 2017 - Under 16 Boys (2001/2002)

Last update 19.04.2017 21:02:40, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
1Ilampoornan Raguparan1680SRI 94w1 59b1 15w1 6b0 35w1 13b1 8w1 2w17,00,038,034,031,0
2Wickramasinghe Banuka Nimsith1575SRI110w1 47b1 7w½ 18b1 9w1 34b1 6w1 1b06,50,039,035,032,0
3FMPiyumantha M Sasith Nipun2027SRI 77w1 46b1 16w1 9b½ 10w1 7w½ 12b1 6b½6,50,039,034,531,5
4Senavin Dunura1688SRI 76b1 37w1 31b1 34w1 12b0 25w1 7b½ 17w16,50,036,532,031,0
5Gunawardena I M P T1626SRI133b+ 41w½ 71b1 40w1 7b0 62w1 23b1 12w16,50,033,530,028,5
6Kaluarachchi Achinthya Shamen1903SRI131b+ 53w1 25b1 1w1 8b1 12w½ 2b0 3w½6,00,040,536,532,0
7Lahiru N P G Sithija1874SRI 57b1 51w1 2b½ 35w1 5w1 3b½ 4w½ 10b½6,00,040,536,030,0
8Theekshana H G Denuwan1833SRI 61b1 30w1 14b1 11w1 6w0 53b1 1b0 25w16,00,038,034,030,0
9Anojman S.1727SRI 82w1 54b1 58w1 3w½ 2b0 15b½ 27w1 24b16,00,037,033,028,0
10Gunasekara W A N Senpathi1659SRI 65b1 55w1 40b½ 43w1 3b0 14w1 16b1 7w½6,00,036,532,528,5
11Yatawara O L B1601SRI 67w1 97b1 28w1 8b0 53w0 44b1 54w1 29b16,00,032,028,027,0
12Thiyasara K T Thisen1851SRI 52w1 56b1 17w1 24b1 4w1 6b½ 3w0 5b05,50,039,035,031,5
13Weerasinghe Chamath1725SRI 64b1 68w1 -0 27b1 24w1 1w0 28b1 14w½5,50,036,532,526,5
14Kiriella K G Nimesha Shalinda1423SRI111w1 74b1 8w0 57b1 29w1 10b0 26w1 13b½5,50,035,032,026,5
15Ranasinghe R A Arindu Himeth1280SRI126b1 75w1 1b0 71w1 36b½ 9w½ 22b½ 38w15,50,035,032,025,5
16Upananda K Y Sasmitha1576SRI119b1 86w1 3b0 68w1 39b½ 21w1 10w0 44b15,50,034,531,026,0
17Sathkumara S M H D1356SRI 98b1 39w1 12b0 55w½ 60b1 38w1 19w1 4b05,50,034,030,526,5
18Rathnayake Vishmika A B1513SRI 45b½ 33w1 41b1 2w0 38b½ 74w1 37b½ 35w15,50,034,029,524,0
19Thawalampola Oshada D1595SRI 88b1 92w1 35b0 30w1 21b½ 39w1 17b0 37w15,50,033,029,526,0
20Jayasundara J J M Y Adithya B1454SRI 48b1 60w1 34b0 37w0 61b½ 64w1 71b1 39w15,50,030,526,523,0
21Hansaja K D Dulan1226SRI -0120b1 94w1 78b1 19w½ 16b0 72w1 34w+5,50,030,027,023,0
22Dharmasiri S O R1078SRI106b½ 73w½124b1 36w0 78b1 58b1 15w½ 40w15,50,030,027,022,5
23Kodikara N S1504SRI 80w1 71b0 77w½ 95b1 59w1 56b1 5w0 41b15,50,028,025,024,0
24Punchihewa Geeneth Devmika1303SRI 38b1 96w1 36b1 12w0 13b0 33w1 63b1 9w05,00,036,532,526,0
25Sathkumara S M S C1577SRI 66w1 50b1 6w0 72b1 37w1 4b0 53w1 8b05,00,035,031,026,0
26Mahipala N A Pasindu Sasanka1017SRI 36b0114w1 51b1 31w0 30b1 49w1 14b0 62w15,00,034,530,521,0
27Welangalle Pesala Dulkith1267SRI 73b½ 45w1 32b1 13w0 81b½ 42w1 9b0 63w15,00,033,029,523,0
28Gunarathna Thinula Amadith1253SRI120w1123b+ 11b0 39w0 82b1 57b1 13w0 60b15,00,032,028,523,0
29Padmasiri R D Isuru Saranga1216SRI -0 66b1 74w1117b+ 14b0 55w1 43b1 11w05,00,032,028,523,0
30Deshadara Masachchi Sineth1177SRI108w1 8b0 88w1 19b0 26w0 85b1 57w1 66b15,00,031,028,020,0
31Ekanayake N N B1303SRI103w1 72b1 4w0 26b1 34b0 63w0 81b1 55w15,00,031,027,523,0
32Yasanjith M H Disura1072SRI107b1 43w½ 27w0 83b1 56w0 75b½ 58w+ 54b15,00,027,024,021,0
33Thusiyanthan V1076SRI101w1 18b0 95w0112b1100w1 24b0 75w1 53b15,00,025,523,020,0
34Sandeepa H Niruksha Akshith1884SRI 42w1117b1 20w1 4b0 31w1 2w0 35b½ 21b-4,50,038,033,526,0
35Udugampola Linal Sanuja1275SRI 93w1100b1 19w1 7b0 1b0 81w1 34w½ 18b04,50,036,032,525,0
36AIMNanayakkara J A G Ganganath1696SRI 26w1 44b1 24w0 22b1 15w½ -0 -0 72b14,50,036,031,523,0
37Sandanayaka S D D S1147SRI 91w1 4b0 80w1 20b1 25b0 70w1 18w½ 19b04,50,035,532,023,0
38Gowsalyan S0SRI 24w0101b1 97w1 46b1 18w½ 17b0 50w1 15b04,50,033,530,522,0
39Thilakaratne D N Adithya Wije1087SRI 79w1 17b0121w1 28b1 16w½ 19b0 56w1 20b04,50,033,530,023,0
40Kavisekara K M H P G Pasindu1302SRI115w1102b1 10w½ 5b0 42w½ 72b½ 45w1 22b04,50,032,530,023,5
41Wickramasinghe D P A L1123SRI 89w1 5b½ 18w0 42b0 83w1 94b1 79w1 23w04,50,032,028,520,5
42Revaldo L H T1046SRI 34b0126w1 62b½ 41w1 40b½ 27b0 69w1 51w½4,50,032,028,019,5
43Senevirathne M S Ransika1339SRI 85w1 32b½ 83w1 10b0 50w1 54b½ 29w0 47b½4,50,031,528,023,5
44Weerakoon Naveen Chathuranga1149SRI 99b1 36w0 96b½ 48w1 75b1 11w0 76b1 16w04,50,031,028,022,0
45Dananjaya A D Danusha0SRI 18w½ 27b0 69b½ 87w½ 84b1 86w1 40b0 71w14,50,031,027,517,5
46Chamikara W H V Dineth1252SRI125b1 3w0 61b1 38w0 64b½ 76w0 73b1 82w14,50,029,026,019,0
47Wattage Jayavi Nimandith1094SRI136b+ 2w0 75b½ 73w0 48b½ 98w1 70b1 43w½4,50,029,026,018,5
48Dassanayake S D0SRI 20w0105b1 54w½ 44b0 47w½ 97b1 74b1 49w½4,50,029,026,017,5
49Paranavithana P V K S1133SRI100w- 78b0104w1103b1 66w1 26b0 61w1 48b½4,50,028,025,517,5
50Koralagamage Heshan Shalinda1105SRI118b1 25w0 73b½ 84w1 43b0 65w1 38b0 76w14,50,028,025,020,0
51Lakshan G Dilina Udeepa1231SRI113w1 7b0 26w0 80b0104w1111b1 77w1 42b½4,50,027,024,517,5
52Uyanhewa U C U1037SRI 12b0125w1 53b0 90w1 70b0101w1 68b½ 87w+4,50,027,024,517,0
53Aluvihare Sithum D1238SRI 78w1 6b0 52w1 79b1 11b1 8w0 25b0 33w04,00,035,031,523,0
54Mahipala N A Pamudu Sasanka1168SRI114b1 9w0 48b½ 65w1 73b1 43w½ 11b0 32w04,00,032,529,521,5
55Perera Mulina1130SRI135b+ 10b0103w1 17b½ 58w½ 29b0 94w1 31b04,00,032,529,520,5
56Peiris P Kalindu Anjana1214SRI134b+ 12w0 65b½ 76w1 32b1 23w0 39b0 64w½4,00,031,528,020,5
57Wanasinghe M G W M R S1043SRI 7w0113b1 87b1 14w0107b1 28w0 30b0 99w14,00,031,028,518,0
58Thilakarathne Malidu Amodya1309SRI 84b1 63w1 9b0 60w½ 55b½ 22w0 32b- 79b14,00,031,027,520,5
59Keerthirathne A H R1138SRI 90b1 1w0 84b½ 96w1 23b0 61w½ 82b½ 65w½4,00,031,027,519,0
60Samaraweera Sanith Jithnuka1093SRI105w1 20b0100w1 58b½ 17w0 67b1 62b½ 28w04,00,030,528,020,5
61Sabilshan T1034SRI 8w0108b1 46w0121b1 20w½ 59b½ 49b0 95w14,00,030,528,016,5
62Nilaweera W R Chamika1329SRI 83w½ 95b½ 42w½ 77b1 67w1 5b0 60w½ 26b04,00,030,527,020,5
63Ronaldo L H K1083SRI122w1 58b0 79w0 89b1 85w1 31b1 24w0 27b04,00,030,026,520,0
64Nimsara G C U1023SRI 13w0104b1117w0122b1 46w½ 20b0102w1 56b½4,00,029,026,516,5
65ACMInduwara K R Rumal0SRI 10w0 89b1 56w½ 54b0 91w1 50b0 90w1 59b½4,00,029,025,516,5
66Bandara S N0SRI 25b0 29w0109b1101w1 49b0107w1 92b1 30w04,00,028,526,016,0
67Attanayaka H A M Y L0SRI 11b0 90w½106b1 86w1 62b0 60w0105b1 68w½4,00,027,525,017,0
68Dissanayake R S K S1162SRI104w1 13b0110w1 16b0 94w0100b1 52w½ 67b½4,00,027,025,018,5
69Lokubalasuriya Rochana Sasmit1228SRI -0 93b½ 45w½ 85b0 89w1 73w1 42b0 96w14,00,027,024,014,5
70Vithana Nethma Niduwara0SRI 72w0103b0108w1115b1 52w1 37b0 47w0 94b14,00,024,021,516,0
71Jayarathne D Nikila A1090SRI124b1 23w1 5w0 15b0 80w1 79b½ 20w0 45b03,50,034,030,520,5
72Bopage N B Ravindu Parindiya1062SRI 70b1 31w0107b1 25w0 95b1 40w½ 21b0 36w03,50,032,529,519,5
73Jayarathna C P0SRI 27w½ 22b½ 50w½ 47b1 54w0 69b0 46w0102b+3,50,032,028,016,5
74Herath H M S S1086SRI137b+ 14w0 29b0114w1 88b1 18b0 48w0 83b½3,50,030,527,517,5
75Madampage M P0SRI130w+ 15b0 47w½ 97b1 44w0 32w½ 33b0 86w½3,50,030,527,018,0
76Karunanayaka K M B O1014SRI 4w0 91b½ 93w1 56b0102w1 46b1 44w0 50b03,50,030,527,016,5
77Yasanjith M H Dinura1049SRI 3b0106w1 23b½ 62w0 96b½ 78w1 51b0 84w½3,50,030,027,515,5
78Kujilan M0SRI 53b0 49w1 92b1 21w0 22w0 77b0100w½104b13,50,029,527,015,0
79Sri Dharmathilake R S M Kovinda Nimsara0SRI 39b0 98w1 63b1 53w0 87b1 71w½ 41b0 58w03,50,029,526,018,5
80Dananjaya P Lakindu0SRI 23b0118w1 37b0 51w1 71b0 95w½ 87b0105w+3,50,028,025,514,5
81Dilshan K G I1063SRI 95w½ 83b0 91w1102b1 27w½ 35b0 31w0 89b½3,50,028,025,017,5
82Devinda D W M Dinupa1028SRI 9b0109w½ 90b½118w1 28w0112b1 59w½ 46b03,50,027,525,015,5
83Elangoban T0SRI 62b½ 81w1 43b0 32w0 41b0106w1 86b½ 74w½3,50,027,524,515,5
84Fonseka Oshan Angelo0SRI 58w0122b1 59w½ 50b0 45w0 91b½108w1 77b½3,50,027,024,514,0
85Dissanayaka S S0SRI 43b0107w0 99b1 69w1 63b0 30w0101b1 92w½3,50,027,024,513,5
86Boghawaththa D T P1102SRI121w1 16b0102w½ 67b0 93w1 45b0 83w½ 75b½3,50,026,524,016,5
87Peiris K Bimsara1302SRI -0115b1 57w0 45b½ 79w0113b1 80w1 52b-3,50,026,524,014,5
88Balasooriya B A A W0SRI 19w0112b1 30b0124w+ 74w0 90w½ 95b½ 91b½3,50,026,523,515,0
89Perera W V A K P0SRI 41b0 65w0119b1 63w0 69b0120b1 97w1 81w½3,50,025,523,511,5
90Dimhana H G Vihanga Nimnaka1154SRI 59w0 67b½ 82w½ 52b0110w1 88b½ 65b0109w13,50,025,022,513,0
91Mithurshan V0SRI 37b0 76w½ 81b0109w1 65b0 84w½ 98b1 88w½3,50,025,022,012,5
92Thasmika K H S1111SRI112w1 19b0 78w0100b0121w1 96b1 66w0 85b½3,50,023,521,515,5
93Imesh G L C A A0SRI 35b0 69w½ 76b0106w1 86b0105w0122b1114w13,50,023,521,011,5
94Ranaraja R S W M Saumya P1012SRI 1b0 99w1 21b0105w1 68b1 41w0 55b0 70w03,00,031,528,516,0
95Vignesh S0SRI 81b½ 62w½ 33b1 23w0 72w0 80b½ 88w½ 61b03,00,028,525,516,0
96Dissanayake M D S G0SRI128w+ 24b0 44w½ 59b0 77w½ 92w0107b1 69b03,00,028,525,015,0
97Ranaweera Y H Gaya Ravindu1112SRI116b1 11w0 38b0 75w0 99b1 48w0 89b0118w13,00,026,524,513,0
98Dilakshitha M Prashan0SRI 17w0 79b0112w0108b1122w1 47b0 91w0100b13,00,023,521,510,0
99Minsara K G Navodya0SRI 44w0 94b0 85w0120b1 97w0103b1111w1 57b03,00,023,020,510,0
100Nirodha H T0SRI 49b+ 35w0 60b0 92w1 33b0 68w0 78b½ 98w02,50,028,024,514,0
101Supunsa H H Anushan0SRI 33b0 38w0113w1 66b0103w1 52b0 85w0108b½2,50,026,023,510,5
102Maathavan Nithiyananthan0SRI129b+ 40w0 86b½ 81w0 76b0109w1 64b0 73w-2,50,026,022,514,0
103Galappaththi Dhanusha0SRI 31b0 70w1 55b0 49w0101b0 99w0121w1112b½2,50,025,523,09,5
104Mendis M M Yashodha Nayanahara0SRI 68b0 64w0 49b0125w1 51b0110b½115w1 78w02,50,025,023,08,5
105Ruthiran B0SRI 60b0 48w0126b+ 94b0113w½ 93b1 67w0 80b-2,50,025,022,511,0
106Suprajan J0SRI 22w½ 77b0 67w0 93b0115w1 83b0113w½111b½2,50,025,022,59,5
107Thivansan P0SRI 32w0 85b1 72w0110b1 57w0 66b0 96w0113b½2,50,024,522,012,5
108Madurapperuma Isuru Madushank0SRI 30b0 61w0 70b0 98w0119b1118w1 84b0101w½2,50,024,022,07,5
109Kumarathilake H M P B0SRI117w0 82b½ 66w0 91b0116w1102b0112w1 90b02,50,024,021,59,5
110Charuka G Ruwan0SRI 2b0116w1 68b0107w0 90b0104w½114b0120w+2,50,023,521,59,5
111De Silva M A Nihindu Silunaka0SRI 14b0124w0114b0116w1118b1 51w0 99b0106w½2,50,023,521,59,5
112Pratheesh K0SRI 92b0 88w0 98b1 33w0114b1 82w0109b0103w½2,50,023,020,510,5
113Lakshan G M Kanishka0SRI 51b0 57w0101b0119w1105b½ 87w0106b½107w½2,50,023,020,58,5
114Mayoorapiragash T0SRI 54w0 26b0111w1 74b0112w0121b½110w1 93b02,50,022,520,59,5
115Hareraam U0SRI 40b0 87w0116b½ 70w0106b0119w1104b0122w+2,50,021,520,07,0
116Prajeevan S0SRI 97w0110b0115w½111b0109b0122w½120w½121b+2,50,016,014,06,5
117Thilakaratna D H Sahasra Gees1234SRI109b1 34w0 64b1 29w- -0 -0 -0 -02,00,029,026,014,0
118Pravinthan J0SRI 50w0 80b0120w1 82b0111w0108b0125w1 97b02,00,021,019,08,0
119Buddika M A Prasad0SRI 16w0121b0 89w0113b0108w0115b0 -1125w+2,00,019,018,03,0
120Keerthiwaran T0SRI 28b0 21w0118b0 99w0125b1 89w0116b½110b-1,50,023,021,05,0
121Princely P George0SRI 86b0119w1 39b0 61w0 92b0114w½103b0116w-1,50,023,020,58,5
122Sugesh S0SRI 63b0 84w0125b1 64w0 98b0116b½ 93w0115b-1,50,022,520,57,5
123Weerasinghe N A W0SRI -1 28w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,00,026,023,58,0
124Ruvinda K G N0SRI 71w0111b1 22w0 88b- -0 -0 -0 -01,00,024,522,07,0
125Kidurshan D0SRI 46w0 52b0122w0104b0120w0 -1118b0119b-1,00,019,017,03,0
126Hettiarachchi H N P0SRI 15w0 42b0105w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,022,521,00,0
127Shashiprabath D Adeepa1637SRI132w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
128Nanayakkara H W Sanuda Sandee1335SRI 96b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
129Hathurusinghe Ravishka1201SRI102w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
130Pituwalage C Sasanka1201SRI 75b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
131Weerasinghe W A P M P1047SRI 6w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
132Anparasan T0SRI127b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
133Ariyarathna A T R T0SRI 5w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
134Liyanage K V N T0SRI 56w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
135Perera U Janith Maneesha0SRI 55w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
136Rajajaruna D R A Bandara0SRI 47w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0
137Srinath H K D Matheesha0SRI 74w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,021,019,50,0

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break4: Fide Tie-Break