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National Youth Chess Championship 2017 - Under 08 Girls (2009 & After)

Last update 19.04.2017 20:57:10, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
1Gaveshika M S C Keshari0SRI115b1 59w1 64b1 58w1 5b1 22w1 7b1 4w1 8b19,00,047,543,045,0
2Jayarathna D Isali Dahamsa0SRI221b+ 91w1 41b1 7b0 16w1 15w1 61b1 5w1 14b18,00,049,545,039,0
3Pranakezhini K C0SRI 65b1145w1 17b0 52w1 30b1 25w1 19b1 7w1 18b18,00,048,543,538,0
4Ranasinghe Minudi Devindi1007SRI 79w1 13b1 93w½ 27b1 49w1 10b1 6w1 1b0 20w17,50,052,047,039,5
5Thilakawardena A K P Namya Dinethmi0SRI207w+ 46b1 8w1 67b1 1w0 13w1 28b1 2b0 22w17,00,053,048,038,0
6Basnayake Hirunitha0SRI 26b1 48w1 24b1111w1 11b½ 17w1 4b0 10w½ 29b17,00,051,045,538,5
7Gunasekara K P K Hesara1023SRI210b+112w1119b1 2w1 60b1 9b1 1w0 3b0 38w17,00,050,546,540,0
8Dias A A T Tharindi0SRI175b1 42w1 5b0 63w1 26b1111w1 33b1 29w1 1w07,00,050,545,537,0
9Vihansa Tharuli0SRI181b1 75w1154b1 19w1 12b1 7w0 17b1 14w0 34b17,00,049,045,039,0
10Mallawaaratchi Januthi0SRI222b+158w1 25b1 20w1 17b½ 4w0 30b1 6b½ 24w17,00,048,544,537,5
11Sandamini S A Parami0SRI 39b1 52w1122w1 51b1 6w½ 12b0 49w1 27b½ 37w17,00,048,042,537,5
12Apeksha M D C0SRI213b+ 74b1 53w1 54b1 9w0 11w1 14b0 60w1 27b17,00,047,543,037,0
13Newansa M Esandi0SRI160b1 4w0 69b1 65w1 31w1 5b0 68w1 25b1 43w17,00,046,541,533,0
14Perera D G D N Thathsarani0SRI 89w0169b1 78w1122b1 51w1 58b1 12w1 9b1 2w07,00,044,540,535,0
15Weerakoon W M I N0SRI 94b1 66w1114b1 23w1 22w0 2b0123w1 32b1 35w17,00,044,040,036,0
16Thennakoon T M Siheli0SRI 23b0164w1181b1 90w1 2b0114w1 72b1 36w1 28b17,00,043,039,031,0
17Alwis H Sandithi0SRI168w1120b1 3w1 50b1 10w½ 6b0 9w0 98b1 48w16,50,047,543,535,5
18Perera M Nesanya S0SRI 78w1 31b0 81w1 89b1 67w1 41w1 22b1 20b½ 3w06,50,046,041,035,0
19Gunawardena Thisuni Nihinsa0SRI134w1124b1 97w1 9b0 24w1 38b1 3w0 48b½ 49w16,50,045,041,035,0
20Galagedara Tehara1011SRI149b1101w1 34b+ 10b0 93w1 59w1 60b1 18w½ 4b06,50,044,540,037,0
21Ovindi H W Sanuli Methanga0SRI 49w½ 83b1 98w1 25b0145w1 93b1 27w0 51b1 56w16,50,042,538,031,5
22Gehansa Ranumi Dange0SRI218w+155w1 33b1 62w1 15b1 1b0 18w0 59w1 5b06,00,049,045,037,0
23Indusarani T A Adeesha0SRI 16w1 43b1 68w1 15b0 50w1 29b0 54w1 24b0 62w16,00,048,043,033,0
24Sehansa H M Thinuli0SRI203w+ 32b1 6w0 66w1 19b0 52w1 39b1 23w1 10b06,00,048,043,032,0
25Karunasena H G M K Saheli Onaya1035SRI127w1129b1 10w0 21w1112b1 3b0120w1 13w0 53b16,00,046,042,032,0
26Premachandra Binadi0SRI 6w0 47b1176w1 37b1 8w0 32b0105w1 96b1 81w16,00,045,041,027,0
27Rasanjana K M Midini0SRI156b1125w1146b½ 4w0 92b1 45w1 21b1 11w½ 12w06,00,044,541,533,5
28Minara S T Sithmi0SRI 61b0108w1 57w1 68b1 97w1 70b1 5w0 33b1 16w06,00,044,540,032,0
29Rathnayake D P Sanulya Keesara0SRI -0 96b1109w1154w1118b1 23w1 36b1 8b0 6w06,00,044,040,033,0
30Bandara Uddepani M0SRI 40w1128b1 50w0129b1 3w0104b1 10w0117b1 60w16,00,043,539,530,0
31Ariyarathne P A Thisavi T0SRI214w+ 18w1 38b1 60w0 13b0 94w1 40b0119w1 74b16,00,043,039,031,0
32Fernando B Thishya M0SRI117b1 24w0166b1 42w1 59b0 26w1111b+ 15w0 71b16,00,043,039,030,0
33Weerasinghe Neluni Sithumsa0SRI190w1 95b1 22w0103w1 94b1 35b1 8w0 28w0 75b16,00,042,538,533,0
34Mudalige Umandi0SRI 87w1192b1 20w- -0122w1 67b1 58w1 62b1 9w06,00,042,038,031,0
35Laxya S0SRI167b1 64w0155b1 91w1 62b1 33w0 41b1 61w1 15b06,00,041,538,532,0
36Jayasinghe T N0SRI 50w0163b1 71w1157b1 54w1 48b1 29w0 16b0 77b16,00,041,538,531,0
37Devindi O R Ameesha0SRI102b1116w1111b0 26w0128b1112w1 63b1 40w1 11b06,00,041,538,031,0
38Premasiri Buddima Himanshi0SRI198w+ 89b1 31w0 76w1113b1 19w0 65b1 73w1 7b06,00,041,537,533,0
39Gajasinghe G M Chamli L0SRI 11w0187b1 40w1 53b1 48w0162b1 24w0 91b1 59w16,00,041,038,528,0
40Prabodya K A Dilshani0SRI 30b0136w1 39b0160w1 76b1113w1 31w1 37b0 67w16,00,041,037,027,0
41Wimalarathne Dilmi0SRI183b1126w1 2w0151b1121w1 18b0 35w0 80b1 89w16,00,040,537,531,0
42Sathsarani W P P D0SRI109w1 8b0123w1 32b0 96w0 85b1114b1118w1 73b16,00,039,535,526,0
43Wedaarachchi Methmi Nuwanma0SRI186b1 23w0132b1 99w1119b1 60w0126b1 66w1 13b06,00,039,035,532,0
44Herath Pamudi0SRI220w+ 50b0135w1117w1111b0159w1 62b0 64b1 58w16,00,038,034,029,0
45Amarakeerthi Vithara0SRI212b+ 60w0112b0130b1103w1 27b0127w1121b1 66w16,00,037,033,026,0
46Hansani M Methuli Erandi0SRI178b1 5w0117b0155w1 71b1124w1 59b0 63w1 61b16,00,036,533,527,0
47Dinanya S G Senudi0SRI 63b0 26w0195b1166w1161b1116w1 48w0 84b1 70w16,00,035,532,525,0
48Rishani J0SRI200b+ 6b0 85w1 86w1 39b1 36w0 47b1 19w½ 17b05,50,048,043,031,0
49Ananyaa S0SRI 21b½ 61w1177b1 92w1 4b0146w1 11b0 90w1 19b05,50,044,541,531,5
50Thilakarathne D M S A0SRI 36b1 44w1 30b1 17w0 23b0 72w0 94b½125w1 92b15,50,044,039,528,5
51Bandara W A D R0SRI138b1 63w1157b1 11w0 14b0 99w1 53b½ 21w0 90b15,50,043,540,030,5
52Fernando A A Maleesha0SRI150w1 11b0130w1 3b0 74w1 24b0110w½106b1 93w15,50,042,538,525,5
53Premarathne Thihansa0SRI105b1133w1 12b0 39w0154b1 69w1 51w½107b1 25w05,50,041,037,529,5
54Thishonuga P0SRI164b1 72w1113b1 12w0 36b0100w1 23b0 69w½118b15,50,040,536,530,0
55Mihisarani M Pinidu0SRI147b0167w1 61b0193w+ 89w½ 57b1 56w0104b1107w15,50,036,533,023,5
56Gunarathne Onithi0SRI195b1111w0116b0115w½158b1147w1 55b1 92w1 21b05,50,035,032,026,0
57Adimali Nipuni Amanda0SRI112b0182w1 28b0168w1 90b½ 55w0159b1148w1 95b15,50,033,530,522,5
58Weerakoon M A Senudi0SRI209w+184w1 86b1 1b0 80w1 14w0 34b0 72w1 44b05,00,047,543,531,0
59Senasurendra H G0SRI 96w1 1b0141w1100b1 32w1 20b0 46w1 22b0 39b05,00,046,542,530,0
60Pehesara P G Nithuni0SRI139w1 45b1 77w1 31b1 7w0 43b1 20w0 12b0 30b05,00,046,542,034,0
61Wijesekara Vimashi Imaya0SRI 28w1 49b0 55w1 79b1104w1107b1 2w0 35b0 46w05,00,045,541,031,0
62Wickramasooriya Diheli S0SRI121w1 88b1100w1 22b0 35w0 80b1 44w1 34w0 23b05,00,044,040,031,0
63Razka M Z F0SRI 47w1 51b0142w1 8b0 81w1 96b1 37w0 46b0123w15,00,044,040,026,0
64Wassani Y M Thinuli0SRI143w1 35b1 1w0104b0181b1 75w1 66b0 44w0121w15,00,043,039,027,0
65Basnayake Anjana0SRI 3w0106b1127w1 13b0 79w1121b0 38w0128b1120w15,00,042,038,023,0
66Konara Sandalika0SRI194w1 15b0124w1 24b0 91w1 97b1 64w1 43b0 45b05,00,041,538,028,0
67De Silva H Esandi Sihansa0SRI185b1174w1131b1 5w0 18b0 34w0102b1126w1 40b05,00,040,537,529,0
68Wijekoon W M Bhagya I0SRI103b1 90w1 23b0 28w0132b1119w1 13b0 75w0146b15,00,040,537,027,0
69De Silva H Supipi Malsh0SRI 98w0 84b1 13w0148b1127w1 53b0130w1 54b½ 88w½5,00,040,536,523,5
70Sanuli M A Hesara0SRI 76b1154w0 75b1 72w1114b1 28w0 73b0113w1 47b05,00,039,535,529,0
71Senara Yasadi0SRI 86b0156w1 36b0 85b1 46w0181w+164w1123b1 32w05,00,038,535,023,0
72Hewage Vethumya Kithnuli0SRI163w1 54b0148w1 70b0157w1 50b1 16w0 58b0117w15,00,038,035,026,0
73Dissanayake D M Dilmi Mahinsa0SRI 83w½142b½120w0150b1129w1106b1 70w1 38b0 42w05,00,038,034,026,5
74Perera J I Chathka Nimashi0SRI197b+ 12w0125b1118w0 52b0136b1122w1 76b1 31w05,00,038,034,025,0
75Ilamperuma Esha Umashi0SRI172w1 9b0 70w0163b1165w1 64b0131w1 68b1 33w05,00,037,534,525,0
76Galappatththi Amaya0SRI 70w0134b1128w1 38b0 40w0 83b1116b1 74w0112b+5,00,037,534,023,0
77Agalawatta A M Dimagi0SRI211w+140w1 60b0112w0 99b0 82b1121w1120b1 36w05,00,037,033,026,0
78Athauda Dinali Deshini0SRI 18b0138w1 14b0128w0149b1140w1112b0147w1127b15,00,036,032,520,0
79Navodya M P0SRI 4b0160w1133b1 61w0 65b0158w1118b0159w1113b15,00,035,032,022,0
80Kuladeniya K H M D C K0SRI 91b0149w1115b1131w1 58b0 62w0137b1 41w0116b15,00,034,531,025,0
81Disara Chirashi0SRI174b0185w1 18b0102w1 63b0166w1161b1112w1 26b05,00,034,032,023,0
82Weerathunga Y S0SRI 99b1119w0 90b0 95w½174b1 77w0101b½144w1143w15,00,034,030,021,5
83Rumana Odyar Fathima0SRI 73b½ 21w0182b½125w0192b1 76w0156b1133w1114b15,00,033,030,519,0
84Semaga Imaya Manudee0SRI154b0 69w0156b½189w1 95b½144w1100b1 47w0119b15,00,033,030,020,0
85Gnanakanthan Sakthiga0SRI155b0175w1 48b0 71w0134b1 42w0163b1161w1135b15,00,033,030,019,0
86Gamagedara Thenuki S0SRI 71w1165b1 58w0 48b0116w0150b1117w0170b1130w15,00,032,529,024,0
87Wijesinghe W R A S T0SRI 34b0183w1103b0156w0175b1 95w0138b1151w1126b15,00,031,529,019,0
88Munamaldeniya R M D S0SRI108b1 62w0145b0147w½177b1 92w0115b1146w1 69b½5,00,031,528,522,5
89Athapattu Puvindu T.B0SRI 14b1 38w0140b1 18w0 55b½101w1 90b0124w1 41b04,50,042,539,024,5
90Mahinsa B D Methmi0SRI171w1 68b0 82w1 16b0 57w½115b1 89w1 49b0 51w04,50,041,538,025,5
91Vidara J G Purani0SRI 80w1 2b0190w1 35b0 66b0132w1 99b1 39w0100b½4,50,041,538,023,5
92Dilmani W T Uthuli0SRI148w1 98b½107w1 49b0 27w0 88b1 93w1 56b0 50w04,50,041,036,527,0
93Namarathne H K T I0SRI193b1147w1 4b½146w1 20b0 21w0 92b0145w1 52b04,50,040,037,028,5
94Liyanage Thedini0SRI 15w0153b1194w1162b1 33w0 31b0 50w½ 97b0 98w14,50,040,036,523,5
95Mandakini A N N S0SRI223b+ 33w0158b0 82b½ 84w½ 87b1 97w½110b1 57w04,50,039,535,522,0
96Ganegama E M K Thanuwini0SRI 59b0 29w0178b1182w1 42b1 63w0157b1 26w0101b½4,50,038,035,521,5
97Wickramasinghe Dinithi Udara0SRI180b1132w1 19b0126w1 28b0 66w0 95b½ 94w1102b04,50,037,534,026,5
98Ranaveera Gethmini Upadya0SRI 69b1 92w½ 21b0177w1146b0145w1139b1 17w0 94b04,50,037,034,026,0
99Manamperi Chenuli O0SRI 82w0224b1171w1 43b0 77w1 51b0 91w0131b½153w14,50,036,032,522,0
100Himansa S L Chanudi0SRI152b+159w1 62b0 59w0131b1 54b0 84w0171b1 91w½4,50,035,532,524,5
101Nemindi W K Thranya0SRI169w1 20b0139w1145b½107w0 89b0 82w½136b1 96w½4,50,035,532,523,0
102Ranuthmi K G S0SRI 37w0109b0224w+ 81b0153w1176b1 67w0105b½ 97w14,50,035,532,518,0
103Manumitha T P Methuni0SRI 68w0173b1 87w1 33b0 45b0163w1113b0162w1108b½4,50,035,032,521,5
104Madhurasinghe M M Yenumi0SRI158b0195w1159b1 64w1 61b0 30w0124b½ 55w0152b14,50,035,032,023,5
105Coorey M Y U0SRI 53w0110b1129w0135b+140b1126w0 26b0102w½148b14,50,035,031,521,0
106Radinsa A A Nithuni0SRI113b0 65w0108b1133w1142b1 73w0125b½ 52w0147b14,50,035,031,520,5
107Herath Hesara Umindi0SRI137b1177w½ 92b0174w1101b1 61w0146b1 53w0 55b04,50,034,531,527,0
108Wijethunga W A Virangi0SRI 88w0 28b0106w0 -1148b½156w½179b1129b1103w½4,50,033,030,516,0
109Gamage Chithmini T0SRI 42b0102w1 29b0161w0182b½174w1147b0150w1149b14,50,033,030,017,5
110Sahansa Yenuli0SRI125b0105w0160b0179w1169b1154w1 52b½ 95w0145b14,50,028,526,017,5
111Somararathne L H M G S0SRI141w1 56b1 37w1 6b0 44w1 8b0 32w- -0 -04,00,047,542,529,0
112Nayanathara H P Nimduli0SRI 57w1 7b0 45w1 77b1 25w0 37b0 78w1 81b0 76w-4,00,044,539,525,0
113De Alwis D H0SRI106w1135b1 54w0120b1 38w0 40b0103w1 70b0 79w04,00,040,536,026,0
114Gangoda Dilini Dihara0SRI187w1162b1 15w0116b1 70w0 16b0 42w0134b1 83w04,00,040,037,525,0
115Senudi G W0SRI 1w0143b1 80w0 56b½156b1 90w0 88w0142b½164w+4,00,040,037,018,0
116Sahanya H H Sethmi0SRI201w+ 37b0 56w1114w0 86b1 47b0 76w0164b1 80w04,00,040,036,023,0
117Samarathunaga Nethuli P R0SRI 32w0225b1 46w1 44b0176w1123b0 86b1 30w0 72b04,00,039,537,023,0
118De Silva D Chethumi0SRI135w0150b1168w1 74b1 29w0120b0 79w1 42b0 54w04,00,039,536,024,0
119Lesansa P K Jayindee0SRI153w1 82b1 7w0165b1 43w0 68b0162w1 31b0 84w04,00,039,036,526,0
120Pathirana Salini K W0SRI189b1 17w0 73b1113w0125b1118w1 25b0 77w0 65b04,00,039,035,025,0
121Manudaaachchiyaar D A Senuthmi0SRI 62b0137w1147b1158w1 41b0 65w1 77b0 45w0 64b04,00,038,535,025,0
122Ayansa K P G Anugi0SRI191b1166w1 11b0 14w0 34b0138w1 74b0135w0157b14,00,038,036,022,0
123Herath C H M U B Hesara Navamini0SRI131b0161w1 42b0134w1137b1117w1 15b0 71w0 63b04,00,038,034,523,0
124Thatsarani M G Pawasha0SRI206w+ 19w0 66b0143b1164w1 46b0104w½ 89b0132w½4,00,038,034,522,0
125Ekanayake Selini0SRI110w1 27b0 74w0 83b1120w0128b1106w½ 50b0131w½4,00,037,534,021,0
126Minara L G Sathini0SRI173w1 41b0192w1 97b0136w1105b1 43w0 67b0 87w04,00,037,034,525,0
127Nanthusa P0SRI 25b0193w1 65b0192w1 69b0167w1 45b0137w1 78w04,00,037,034,020,0
128Premadasa S A S D0SRI179b1 30w0 76b0 78b1 37w0125w0158b1 65w0159b+4,00,036,533,519,0
129Navodya Udani K W0SRI144b1 25w0105b1 30w0 73b0139w0167b1108w0165b14,00,036,033,020,0
130Perera R A S Senanya0SRI136b1146w0 52b0 45w0172b1133w1 69b0139w1 86b04,00,035,532,520,0
131Sirithunga Yenuli K P0SRI123w1151b1 67w0 80b0100w0184b+ 75b0 99w½125b½4,00,035,031,522,5
132Madurapperuma M A Osandi Dinethya0SRI224w1 97b0 43w0171b1 68w0 91b0152w½174b+124b½4,00,034,531,519,0
133Chamudya Lasansa0SRI217b+ 53b0 79w0106b0187w1130b0185w1 83b0170w14,00,033,531,518,0
134Siandi U J Yehara0SRI 19b0 76w0186b1123b0 85w0191w1141b1114w0156b14,00,033,031,015,0
135Rajapasha Senudi Sethumya0SRI118b1113w0 44b0105w-167w0155w1160b1122b1 85w04,00,033,030,018,0
136Aththanayake Dulathmi Sadesna0SRI130w0 40b0170b1138w1126b0 74w0166b1101w0161b14,00,033,030,017,0
137Sithumi E P Devindi0SRI107w0121b0225w1141b1123w0143b1 80w0127b0168w14,00,032,529,518,0
138Prabudhi M Savidya0SRI 51w0 78b0188w1136b0194w+122b0 87w0167w1158b14,00,032,529,515,0
139Atapattu A R Dinuki S0SRI 60b0191w1101b0140w0170w1129b1 98w0130b0155w14,00,032,029,018,0
140Pabasarani D L Sadushi Sehara0SRI196b+ 77b0 89w0139b1105w0 78b0171w0172w1163b14,00,032,029,018,0
141Hettihewa Thilani Vidulana0SRI111b0170w1 59b0137w0155b1157w0134w0188b1171w14,00,030,528,016,0
142Gamage Sandithi P0SRI182b½ 73w½ 63b0149b1106w0161w0165b½115w½162b14,00,029,527,018,0
143Liyanaarachchi B L A T Y0SRI 64b0115w0167b1124w0178b1137w0172b1157w1 82b04,00,029,527,017,0
144Jayathilaka Parami Lakshika K0SRI129w0172b1165w0152b1162w0 84b0188w1 82b0173w14,00,029,026,518,0
145Athapaththu A M A A0SRI216w+ 3b0 88w1101w½ 21b0 98b0168w1 93b0110w03,50,041,537,522,0
146Ariyarathne Randi0SRI215b+130b1 27w½ 93b0 98w1 49b0107w0 88b0 68w03,50,039,035,025,5
147Wijekoon W M Hithbashi0SRI 55w1 93b0121w0 88b½151w1 56b0109w1 78b0106w03,50,038,034,020,0
148Rathnayake R M D T N0SRI 92b0179w1 72b0 69w0108w½171b1151w1 57b0105w03,50,034,031,017,5
149Sandesna N V Disumi0SRI 20w0 80b0179b1142w0 78w0190b½183w1176b1109w03,50,032,530,014,0
150Sajana D G Jithumi0SRI 52b0118w0189b1 73w0160b1 86w0176w½109b0175b13,50,031,529,014,5

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break4: Fide Tie-Break