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Tyneside Easter Chess Congress 2017 Major

Last update 16.04.2017 18:16:05, Creator/Last Upload: BrianTowers

Starting rank

1Ormerod StephenENG156Darlington
2Brown Geoffrey D442127ENG151Clay Cross
3Wall John (jnr)453145ENG142Forest Hall
4Lawrence Roy A410195ENG140Sutton Coldfield
5Hall David G2402394SCO138Scotland
6Mackay Ian W429783ENG135Carlisle Austin Friars
7Mcquillan Stephen G2406110SCO135Scotland
8Harker PeterENG134Hartlepool
9Stebbings Dave BENG134Gosforth
10Wall John (snr)453730ENG131Forest Hall
11Chan JoeENG128Gosforth
12Bhattacharya JyotirmoyENG126Durham City
13Pharoah James JENG107Alnwick
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