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2nd Muscat Weekend Chess Championship 2017

Last update 15.04.2017 16:39:50, Creator/Last Upload: oman chess federation

Starting rank

1Al Hooti Houd22000259OMA1847
2Joy Jijo45010994IND1589
3Al Jahwari Adnan22001115OMA1570
4A.Kumar Siddarth46603620IND1321
5V.M Adithya45028400IND1255
6Acharya Amrath22099867IND0
7Al Kharusi Mohammed22003509OMA0
8Jayanth Haresh22099824IND0
9Karthikeyan Srivatsan25684248IND0
10KS SaiKrishna25740016IND0
11Sawlani Shaurya25681320IND0
12T.R Pogul 45097097IND0
13Viswanathan Pavithra22099786IND0
14Viswanathan Suchitraa 25737201IND0