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Last update 12.04.2017 22:48:15, Creator/Last Upload: sk lustenau (mag. rainer bezler)

Starting rank list of players

9Hasovic Rasim14403900BIH1880Hörbranz
7Mittelberger Hermann1630768AUT1844Höchst
4Rigg Hans1616412AUT1821Lochau
3Peterlunger Erich1602616AUT1807Lustenau
11Alge Wolfgang1637657AUT1798Lustenau
5Heinritz Dietmar Mag.1613200AUT1797Lochau
6Dellanoi Günter1630679AUT1771Höchst
10Senoner Paul1622935AUT1766Nenzing
1Ignjatovic Mischa1633317AUT1659Lustenau
2Fröwis Gerhard Mag.1621998AUT1493Lustenau
8Summer Johann1605216AUT1377Rankweil