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XIII Obert Ciutat de Mataró - Memorial Viñas - Grup C

Last update 17.06.2017 18:24:07, Creator/Last Upload: antoni viñas serra

Starting rank

1Jiménez Molina Joan Marc357656CAT1466Mataro C.E.
2Fernandez Herrera Aina29335CAT1465S10Mataro C.E.
3González Rosés Eric356520CAT1457Granollers-Canovelles
4Marquet Colls Silvia378899CAT1428Mataro C.E.
5Galcera Viada Jan379298CAT1411S10Mataro C.E.
6Homs Jiménez Jaume357199CAT1390Mataro C.E.
7Sales Casas Marc357147CAT1377S10Mataro C.E.
8Ferrer Urbina Sara357149CAT1365Mataro C.E.
9Aguilar Sancho Maria357135CAT1360S10Mataro C.E.
10Sentias Sánchez Arnau357131CAT1341S10Mataro C.E.
11Alonso Gutierrez Salvador And379297CAT1339S10Mataro C.E.
12De Roca Vilardebò Alex357134CAT1335S10Mataro C.E.
13Marquet Colls Alex378900CAT1330S10Mataro C.E.
14Aguilar Sancho Sofia379259CAT1322S8Mataro C.E.
15Agapito Garrido Guillem0CAT1313S10Mataro C.E.