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National Ch. 1-8 final Herzliya 2017

Last update 26.06.2017 21:20:07, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 70)

Starting rank

1Nechemya Natan2825422ISR1807
2Weisbuch Gabriel2810573ISR1724
3Leor Effi2833050ISR1693
4Greiver Alejandro3006379URU1667
5Lahav Matan2809672ISR1658
6Schwartz Yinon2828227ISR1645
7Hurwitz Guy2830345ISR1618
8Lahav Doron2808153ISR1604
9Milatin Zvi2814293ISR1602
10Scheinfeild Michael2825465ISR1586
11Cohen Dvir2825406ISR1584
12Levy Avner2814250ISR1574
13Shukrun Alon2825660ISR1561
14Levy Zohar2825457ISR1553
15Cohen Yaacov2810670ISR1519
16Shavit Michael2827956ISR1514
17Bar Indy2821222ISR1489
18Khatib Mahmood2826062ISR1449
19Amiel Ran2813718ISR1435
20Elsner Yair2838230ISR1406
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