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1st ANCC Junior Championship (FIDE rated)

Last update 21.10.2017 01:21:22, Creator/Last Upload: motochessv

Starting rank

1WAWERU Brian Kariuki1080155315001914Anchor Chess Club
2RAMESH Sanjay1080366113591566Tritonite Stars
3PARIKH Pranjal Ameetkumar1080262212821712wAnchor Chess Club
4MOHIDEEN Fathima Mohamed1080260612391653wAnchor Chess Club
5GOSRANI Reeyan1080538911871582Tritonite Stars
6PARIKH Nikita Ameetkumar1080261411031616wAnchor Chess Club
7LAWRENCE ARUL Jovan Jazeel1081002101598Aga Khan Junior Academy
8PATEL Celina2160048101560wTritonite Stars
9SHAH Vyom Kunjal1081087001541Anchor Chess Club
10SHAH Shubh Bhavesh1081212101533Tritonite Stars
11SHAH Viraj Bhaveshu1080809401532Anchor Chess Club
12GANTLA Lalith Reddy1080982101527Anchor Chess Club
13SHAH Devashri1080932501513wTritonite Stars
14SHAH Janvi Nipul1081049801485wTritonite Stars
15SHAH Drish Rakesh1081047101458Tritonite Stars
16SHESHADRI Vedhika1080846901456wTritonite Stars
17GAHIR Ganeev Singh1080981301447Oshwal Academy Nairobi Primary
18SHAH Janki Nipul1081048001416wTritonite Stars
19PATEL Suhana2160049001407wTritonite Stars
20GANTLA Rachith Reddy1080983001405Anchor Chess Club
21SHAH Darsh Rakesh1081046301301Tritonite Stars
22RAO Ananya Praveenkumar1081044701209wAnchor Chess Club
23AGARWAL Hemaang1081242300Anchor Chess Club
24FALOR Prateek1081250400Anchor Chess Club
25FALOR Tushar1081251200Anchor Chess Club
26PATEL Pranav1081259800
27WADHIA Krish1080406400Anchor Chess Club