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1st ANCC Junior Championship (FIDE rated)

Last update 21.10.2017 01:21:22, Creator/Last Upload: motochessv

Alphabetical list all groups

1AGARWAL Hemaang1081242300Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
2ANDIWOH Moses1080150218980Equity Bank1st Blitz Ch.
3BUDHBHATTI Mukund1080975913760Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
4BUDHBHATTI Mukund10809759002nd Club Ch.
5WFMDESHPANDE Sanjana Satish10800964157302nd Club Ch.
6DESHPANDE Sumit Satish1080097213960Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
7DESHPANDE Sumit Satish10800972138902nd Club Ch.
8DODHIA Amit1081155900Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
9FALOR Prateek1081250400Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
10FALOR Tushar1081251200Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
11GAHIR Ganeev Singh1080981301447Oshwal Academy Nairobi Primary1st Junior Ch.
12GANTLA Lalith Reddy1080982101527Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
13GANTLA Rachith Reddy1080983001405Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
14GICHUHI Brian Chege10807764162601st Blitz Ch.
15GOHIL Mehul1080099920480Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
16GOSRANI Reeyan1080538911871582Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
17GOSRANI Reeyan1080538900Tritonite Stars1st Blitz Ch.
18GUDKA Paras10801626150202nd Club Ch.
19ACMGUDKA Paras1080162612950Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
20HABILOV Mushfig1080363715110Nairobi Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
21JUMA Maxwell1080298315960Kenyatta University1st Blitz Ch.
22KARANIA Hardiv1080089114070Tritonite Stars1st Blitz Ch.
23KIMANI Hubert1081108714130Kenyatta University1st Blitz Ch.
24KIONGA Antony1080373416280Black Knights Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
25KIREGA Joseph1080214214230Strathmore Knightmares1st Blitz Ch.
26LAWRENCE ARUL Jovan Jazeel1081002101598Aga Khan Junior Academy1st Junior Ch.
27CMLWANGA Aguda1080152910380Nairobi Chess Academy & Club1st Blitz Ch.
28LWANGA Charles Karoli1080176617030Nairobi Chess Academy & Club1st Blitz Ch.
29CMLWANGA Odongo1080274600Nairobi Chess Academy & Club1st Blitz Ch.
30METHU Joseph Muragu1080471420210KCB Bank1st Blitz Ch.
31MOHIDEEN Fathima Mohamed1080260612391653Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
32MOHIDEEN Fathima Mohamed1080260612610Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
33MUNIU Solomon Thuo1081067611290Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
34MUNIU Solomon Thuo10810676002nd Club Ch.
35NAMALE Ben Nguku1080026319200KCB Bank1st Blitz Ch.
36NGANI Victor10802088181501st Blitz Ch.
37NGIMA Cheryl1080897300Nairobi Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
38FMNSUBUGA Haruna1000056921080Kireka Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
39NYAGA James Kabui1080835315800Checkmates Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
40NYAIRO Mark1080272016040Strathmore Knightmares1st Blitz Ch.
41OKOTH Edwin1080743815370Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
42OMBOGA Joseph Makori1080880915360Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
43OMBOGA Joseph Makori10808809002nd Club Ch.
44PARIKH Nikita Ameetkumar1080261411031616Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
45PARIKH Nikita Ameetkumar10802614112802nd Club Ch.
46PARIKH Pranjal Ameetkumar1080262212821712Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
47PARIKH Pranjal Ameetkumar1080262213340Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
48PARIKH Pranjal Ameetkumar10802622125102nd Club Ch.
49PATEL Celina2160048101560Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
50PATEL Pranav10812598001st Junior Ch.
51PATEL Suhana2160049001407Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
52RAMESH Sanjay1080366113591566Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
53RAMESH Sanjay1080366113590Tritonite Stars1st Blitz Ch.
54CMRAMESH Vasanth1080836118760Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
55RAO Ananya Praveenkumar1081044701209Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
56CMSANG Ricky1080218518680KCB Bank1st Blitz Ch.
57SHAH Darsh Rakesh1081046301301Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
58SHAH Devashri1080932501513Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
59SHAH Drish Rakesh1081047101458Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
60SHAH Janki Nipul1081048001416Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
61SHAH Janvi Nipul1081049801485Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
62WFMSHAH Riya1080038713350Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
63SHAH Shubh Bhavesh1081212101533Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
64SHAH Viraj Bhaveshu1080809401532Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
65SHAH Viraj Bhaveshu1080809400Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
66SHAH Vyom Kunjal1081087001541Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
67SHESHADRI Vedhika1080846901456Tritonite Stars1st Junior Ch.
68IMSSEGWANYI Arthur1000010022770Equity Bank1st Blitz Ch.
69STEPHENS Joseph1081141913120Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
70SUDALAIMUTHU Abinesh Lakshwin1080355613580Nairobi Chess Academy & Club1st Blitz Ch.
71SUDALAIMUTHU Anish Sukumar1080138314360Nairobi Chess Academy & Club1st Blitz Ch.
72WADHIA Krish1080406400Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
73WANJIRU Lucy10808590128102nd Club Ch.
74WANJIRU Lucy1080859012760Anchor Chess Club1st Blitz Ch.
75FMWANYAMA Harold1000038022810KCB Bank1st Blitz Ch.
76WAWERU Brian Kariuki1080155315001914Anchor Chess Club1st Junior Ch.
77WAWERU Brian Kariuki10801553002nd Club Ch.
78WEKESA Dennis Elijah10810684002nd Club Ch.