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2nd Newton Group Secomdary Chess Championship

Last update 11.04.2017 12:25:20, Creator/Last Upload: qatar chess federation

Starting rank

1Hussein Abouzaid QAT1155Newton International Academy (Barwa
2Artin Topolian QAT1141Newton British Academy (Barwa)
3CLARK MARTINEZQAT1100Newton nternational School D-Ring
4Ashen Fernando QAT1050Newton British Academy (Barwa)
5Elliot JenningsQAT1025Newton international School (Lagoon
6Karine AlghamrawiQAT1025Newton international School (Lagoon
7Mohammed SalemQAT1025Newton international School (Lagoon
8Fahd FaresQAT1019Newton international School (Lagoon
9Siwon Kim QAT1019Newton International Academy (Barwa
10Abdullah Mohammed Al Qadi QAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
11Adhitya NugrahaQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
12Ahmed Hosam Soliman QAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
13Aishath Janan AhmedQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
14Noura KhaliliQAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
15Darius Jose LagamonQAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
16David King Ochoche QAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
17Elijah Verzosa QAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa)
18Ezran MatinQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
19Farah ZidanQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
20Fatin NurbatrisyiaQAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
21Fatma Jassim LariQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
22Francesco RadiceQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
23Giovanni RadiceQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
24Humoud Salah QAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
25Iman AbbasQAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
26Ismail Al ShawishQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
27JAMES PATRICK LOPEZQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
28JENNY GEUMQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
29KHADEEJA RAZAQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
30KHUSHI KUDARIQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
31Majdoleen Maher Samir Al SaudiQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
32Michael David KristiantoQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
33Moemen Yasser QAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa)
34Mohamed AqlQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
35Mohamed ElhoufyQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
36Oliver PermanaQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
37Omar MahomudQAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
38Omar Walid Ahmed MashalQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
39PADIKIE AFI TETTEHQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
40Qadir KhanQAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
41SENURA DISSANAYAKEQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
42Tamerlan SeydaliyeveQAT0Newton international School (Lagoon
43Tianyi Xu QAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa)
44Vaishnav Ravulaparthi QAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa
45YAZAN AJINEHQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
46ZainaQAT0Newton nternational School D-Ring
47Ziyad Mahmoud Gomad QAT0Newton International Academy (Barwa