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Steinitz Chess Festival 2017 - Elite Section

Last update 17.04.2017 16:14:49, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 82)

Starting rank

1GMGrover Sahaj5021103IND2473
2IMKobese Watu14300141RSA2374
3FMKlaasen Calvin Jong14300133RSA2226
4CMBouah Lyndon14300052RSA2115
5Odendaal Frederick14301067RSA2067
6FMBhawoodien Shabir Hussain14300770RSA2057
7Amini Daud11000457ZIM2039
8Willenberg Craig Glen14300532RSA2020
9James Michael14303175RSA2017
10Willenberg Kenneth Sean14300540RSA2006
11FMGluckman Paul14309513RSA2001
12Willenberg Athon14303230RSA1967
13AIMSalimu Reuben11001283ZIM1961
14Erlank Warrick14300990RSA1943
15Laurie John D14324237RSA1929
16Jacobs Kevin T14307715RSA1882
17Lynch Justin14310120RSA1876
18De Jager Luan14317982RSA1871
19Fraser Craig14321750RSA1870
20Fredericks Malcolm Mp.14303167RSA1868
21Willenberg Shane C.14306247RSA1844
22CMKhuphwathea Paul C.14305569MAW1842
23Southey Andrew M.14303191RSA1818
24WIMFebruary Jesse Nikki14312336RSA1806
25Hendriksz Gabriel14303418RSA1797
26Goredema Dione14311887RSA1789
27Willenberg Roland C.14306239RSA1781
28WIMFrick Denise14300818RSA1778
29CMSamuel Caleb14310546RSA1766
30Kleinsmidt Cherwin14321556RSA1762
31Vester Jordan14324695RSA1743
32WIMLaubscher Anzel14300800RSA1738
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