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2nd Newton Group Primary Chess Championship

Last update 10.04.2017 12:21:18, Creator/Last Upload: qatar chess federation

Starting rank

1Anton BologanQAT1500Newton International School Lagoon
2Aditya BundelaQAT1394Newton International School Lagoon
3Michael KhamatgaleevQAT1375Newton International School D-Ring
4Sama KassoumehQAT1116Newton International School D-Ring
5Nathan SmithQAT1114Newton International School Lagoon
6Jeongho ParkQAT1108Newton International School D-Ring
7Lujine ahmed HegaziQAT1108Newton International School D-Ring
8Aanya GuptaQAT0Newton International Academy
9Abdullah RizwanQAT0Newton International Academy
10Adam Bashar Faleh Mariy KrishanQAT0Newton International Academy
11Adam TyblQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
12Adnaan Raed MasriQAT0Newton International Academy
13Al Joud AlmarriQAT0Newton British School in Al Waab
14Ali Hatem Osama MostafaQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
15Alice Hani YaredQAT0Newton International Academy
16Aljori Annas EidQAT0Newton International Academy
17Ashling Elizabeth DuganQAT0Newton International Academy
18Bhavya YadavQAT0Newton International Academy
19David NyariQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
20Derin ArkanQAT0Newton British School in Al Waab
21Essa Ahmad Al EmadiQAT0Newton International Academy
22Faisal Rabie BallanQAT0Newton International Academy
23Garv Surendar KaleraQAT0Newton International Academy
24Ghena Abu El RubQAT0Newton International Academy
25Hamza GabdushevQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
26Harris Ahmad IfwanQAT0Newton British School in Al Waab
27Haydara DayoubQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
28Imaan AhmedQAT0Newton International Academy
29Insyirah ZahrinQAT0Newton International School D-Ring
30Israa YaqoumiQAT0Newton International School D-Ring
31Mahmud MumQAT0Newton International Academy
32Mariam Magdi SaidQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
33Martin KovarQAT0Newton International Academy
34Meyan KetanQAT0Newton International Academy
35Micahnn Sam GavvalaQAT0Newton International Academy
36Muhammed SudaisQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
37Omar GhanemQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
38Omar ShaffarQAT0Newton International School D-Ring
39Prayan AgarwalQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
40Rabbani Ahnaf RehalatQAT0Newton International Academy
41Raja Muhammad YousefQAT0Newton International Academy
42Red Bartinaeus M GerellaQAT0Newton British School in Al Waab
43Rickrish SharmaQAT0Newton International Academy
44Rokia AmmarQAT0Newton International Academy
45Samyuktha SunilQAT0Newton International Academy
46Syed Hamizan ShahQAT0Newton International Academy
47Toqa Abu El RubQAT0Newton International Academy
48Vladislav BeerQAT0Newton British School in Al Waab
49Yaseen MuhammedQAT0Newton British School in Al Waab
50Yasmine Ammar MouhoubQAT0Newton International Academy
51Yehia Mohamed MostafaQAT0Newton International Academy
52Yohan David G LasQAT0Newton British School in Al Waab
53Zoja JankovicQAT0Newton British Academy (Barwa Campu
54Prabhvir SinghQAT0
56Adam MoudallalQAT0