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2017 Warwick Junior Open Group D

Last update 08.04.2017 20:33:57, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

114Woodfinden Ben0Hartford5,0
27Mullan Oliver0Solihull4,0
38Naushahi Ayesha0King Henry Viii3,5
45Khan Sana0Hallfield3,0
12Saunders Nathaniel0St. Lawrence3,0
13Sharda Aryan0King Henry Viii3,0
711Sandhar Jeya0Solihull2,5
81Gibara Magnus32Hallfield2,0
9Patel Surya0Hallfield2,0
106Mirador Ardeine0St. Patrick's1,5
10Pau Rahul0King Henry Viii1,5
122Kleinmann Giorgio13Crackley Hall1,0
133Fleming Jack0King Henry Viii0,0
4Hayes Tia0Warwick Preparatory0,0
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