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Mogens Minne 2017

Last update 19.05.2017 18:41:45, Creator/Last Upload: malmö allmänna schackklubb

Starting rank

1Gajic Mladen1709178SWE2288Eksjö SK
2Malmgren Lars-Goran1708139SWE1991Malmö AS
3Silwer Martin1711873SWE1954Malmö AS
4Sadiku Halil1733516SWE1944Kristineberg SK
5Agovic Sejfo1702360SWE1864HSA
6Amin Idris1746022SWE1829HSA
7Andersson Ake1702432SWE1735Malmö AS
8Wahlstrom Joakim1705857SWE1691Malmö AS
9Gustavsson Claes1740083SWE1688MSS
10Willard Hakan1733621SWE1611Malmö AS
11Sadiku Lorik1736019SWE1545Kristineberg SK
12Nilsson Ingvar1704222SWE1474Malmö AS