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Meistaramót Hugins (N) 2017

Last update 10.06.2017 14:51:19, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Starting rank

1Sigurdarson Tomas Veigar2302977ISL19661899
2Sigurdsson Smari2304210ISL18351703
3Isleifsson Runar2305917ISL18151675
4Danielsson Sigurdur2301792ISL17941707
5Adalsteinsson Hermann2300591ISL16191438
6Olgeirsson Armann2303957ISL15361408
7Akason Aevar2307090ISL15211373
8Asmundsson Sigurbjorn2305437ISL14071237
9Karlsson Sighvatur2307936ISL12941187
10Witala AndrzejISL00
11Wypior Piotr2316781ISL00
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