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Nakhchivan Open 2017, group A, 02-12 May 2017, Nakhchivan

Last update 11.05.2017 16:03:33, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of azerbaijan

Player overview for uzb

10IMKhamrakulov Djurabek2476UZB01½1½11½05,512

Results of the last round for uzb

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrRtg No.
IMIskandarov Misratdin2444 1 - 0 IMKhamrakulov Djurabek2476

Player details for uzb

IM Khamrakulov Djurabek 2476 UZB Rp:2441 Pts. 5,5
133FMGasimov Parviz2318AZE3,0s 0
245WIMMammadova Narmin2192AZE3,5w 1
343Bayramov Zaur2235AZE3,5s ½
437WGMKazimova Narmin2282AZE3,5w 1
517IMGrinev Valeriy2414UKR7,0s ½
631FMMuradli Mahammad2325AZE4,5w 1
73GMAbasov Nijat2575AZE5,5s 1
812IMSadikhov Ulvi2467AZE6,0w ½
914IMIskandarov Misratdin2444AZE6,5s 0
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