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HCA - 19th Haryana State OPEN (Mixed) Chess Championship 29 - 31 March 2017 [LIVE Webcast @]

Last update 31.03.2017 02:42:38, Creator/Last Upload: haryana chess association

Starting rank

1Aayush Bhat (Jammu)HCA0
2Ajay (HSR)HCA0
3Amit Vats (JND)HCA0
4Atul Singhal (PKL)HCA0
5Avinash Kumar (YNR)HCA0
7Jatin (AMB)HCA0
8Jatin Goyal (PKL)HCA0
9Kavita (GGN), WHCA0
10Kushagra Tyagi (YNR)HCA0
11Mohit Sethi (FTD)HCA0
12Prince (YNR)HCA0
13Rajat Dubey (YNR)HCA0
14Ramesh Kumar (JND)HCA0
15Shubham Saini (YNR)HCA0
16Siddharth BhathejaHCA0
17Varun (KNL)HCA0
18Vishavjit Singh (AMB)HCA0
19Vivek (KTL)HCA0