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Primer Torneo de Ajedrez de Ponce Superiol

Last update 24.03.2017 20:36:06, Creator/Last Upload: federacion de ajedrez de puerto rico

Starting rank

1Acosta Garayua MissaelPUR0Esc.Doctor Manuel Pila
2Figueroa Montalvo RobertoPUR0Esc.Doctor Manuel Pila
3Gutierrez Torres JanelysPUR0Esc. Ponce High School
4Hernandez Restos AracelysPUR0Esc. Manuela Toro
5Mobilton BreannaPUR0Esc. Stanley High
6Quinones Morales PabloPUR0Esc.Doctor Manuel Pila
7Rivera Olivera RaymondPUR0Esc. Doctor Manuel Pila