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zonal jeunes "EST" U12

Last update 26.03.2017 03:27:18, Creator/Last Upload: algerian+c1552

Starting rank

1Bidi Abdeljalil7910312ALG1340CEC
2Ferrad Amine7913737ALG1323ASEC
3Beghriche Rami Tadjeddine7905440ALG1311ASEC
4Bouderbala SamerALG0CEA
5Benkolli Imad7911505ALG0CEC
6Chaalal SeifeddineALG0CEA
7Chebli Sid AliALG0CEA
8Daoud Tamer Abdelhamid7910401ALG0Skikda
9Hallab ChaherALG0CEA
10Khaldi MessaoudALG0Sedrata
11habchi abdelmoulaALG0CEA