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1st Sharjah Masters international Chess championship 2017

Last update 31.03.2017 19:32:15, Creator/Last Upload: sharjah chess club

Player info

NameAl Yaghshi M. Hisham
Starting rank164
Rating national0
Rating international2056
Performance rating2150
FIDE rtg +/-35,6
Year of birth 1977


1103217Saif Ahmed1689UAE2,0w 10,900,10404,00
269224Abdulrahim Salem1429UAE2,0s 10,920,08403,20
355151Vantika Agrawal2130IND4,5w 10,400,604024,00
4711GMAkopian Vladimir2675ARM6,0s 00,08-0,0840-3,20
52549GMVishnu Prasanna. V2534IND5,5w 00,08-0,0840-3,20
63787IMRathnakaran K.2383IND4,0s 00,13-0,1340-5,20
756124WIMKhalafova Narmin2255AZE4,0w 10,240,764030,40
84091CMSindarov Javokhir2374UZB5,0s 00,13-0,1340-5,20
958118WGMMamedjarova Turkan2267AZE5,0w 00,23-0,2340-9,20
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