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XVII Torneio Externato C. Benedita - 14/11/2009 Época 2009/10

Last update 15.11.2009 10:47:32, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 16)

Player info

NameLopes Antonio Jose Da Silva
Starting rank54
Rating national1126
Rating international0
Performance rating1402
Club/CityAcademia X Benedita
Year of birth 1999


11818Marques Carlos Filipe Fernand1741PORAcadémico Torres Vedras4,5s 0
2192Ferents Andrey2195PORGd Ferroviários Barreiro5,0w 0
33161Serrazina Filipe Perista1098PORAcademia X Benedita3,0s 0
43160Silva Rafaela Policarpo da1100PORAcademia X Benedita2,0w 1
52859Ramalho Margarida Faustino1100PORAcademia X Benedita3,0s 1
61928Pinheiro Joao Pedro De Melo1502PORGx Peões Alverca4,0w 0
72652Simonetta Francesco Caetano Lope1150PORGd Carris2,0s 1