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2017 South Wales Spring Blitz

Last update 19.03.2017 18:27:11, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1GMTurner Matthew J402893SCO2520
2IMCobb James1800949WLS2369
3FMToczek Grzegorz1106457POL2214
4FMStrugnell Carl616753WLS2161
5Brown Thomas1801430WLS2061
6Bennett Dominic L416657ENG2041
7Fathallah Joe1801899WLS2039
8Saunders Robert1800558WLS2033
9Bullen Alex1801627WLS2020
10Van Kemenade Rudy410942WLS1974
11Taylor Robert Graham1800841WLS1858
12James Dai1801155WLS1857
13Dineen Robert1803395WLS1842
14Burrows Mike1804910WLS1796
15Penny Liam1803956WLS1784
16Chong Kimberly1804723WLS1752
17Davies Neil447412ENG1747
18Blackmore SimonWLS1735
19Jukes Sam1803182WLS1717
20Owen NeilWLS1700
21Di-Vetta Andrew1803964WLS1666
22Leggett Neirin442410ENG1618
23Hunt Bill1802143WLS1603
24Janas Mark1803697WLS1603
25Fowler Hugo433411WLS1596
26Hurley JakeWLS1595
27Jeanes Andrew1804901WLS1563
28MacDonald Duncan1804758WLS1486
29Rees Morgan1804693WLS1375
30Bonutto StephenWLS1362
31Jaberansari Daniel1804499WLS1315
32Williams Luke1804855WLS1262
33Frame Robert1804847WLS1100
34Davies MiloWLS966
35Davies TomWLS886