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Campeonato Nacional Sub-20 Absoluto 2017

Last update 23.03.2017 03:33:52, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Player info

NameRodriguez German Enrique
Starting rank6
Rating national2056
Rating international2056
Performance rating2128
FIDE rtg +/-18,6
Year of birth 1997


1616Gomez Morales Juan Sebastian1703BOG2,5s 1202,20
2418Cuellar Canosa Nicolas1608BOG4,0w 1201,60
329Gomez Guardo Cristian1935BOL3,5w 1206,80
412FMAvila Pavas Santiago2240VAL6,0s 12014,80
515FMCardoso Cardoso Jose Gabriel2092VAL4,5s 020-9,00
631IMBlandon Luis Guillermo2308ANT5,0w 020-3,80
7410Gallego Julian Andres1906RIS4,0s 1206,00
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