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Egyptian Chess Women 2017

Last update 23.03.2017 17:47:25, Creator/Last Upload: egyptian chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1WIMMoaataz Ayah10615873EGY2013
2WFMAbdelmenaem Sohayla10610529EGY1796
3Mohsen Hend10613285EGY1735
4WIMEhab Tasneem10623310EGY1713
5WCMAllam Yara10615709EGY1633
6Mohamed Zaki Hanan10640860EGY1507
7Zayan Alaa10626565EGY1504
8Atef Kholood10631348EGY1318
9El Karas YoumnEGY0
10Gourge Alice10649042EGY0