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Rödeby Vårcup 2017

Last update 26.07.2017 15:02:46, Creator/Last Upload: rodebyschack

Starting rank

1Wahlbom Magnus1700685SWE2197Rödeby SK
2Bernhardsson Sten1706780SWE1914Rödeby SK
3Svensson Bengt 19571722891SWE1762Ronneby SK
4Lacic Dragan1721852SWE1644Rödeby SK
5Karlsson Rolf1726625SWE1582Rödeby SK
6Gustavsson DaniilSWE1200Rödeby SK
7Nilsson MattiasSWE1200Rödeby SK
8Lundgren Ulf1714139SWE1942Rödeby SK
9Lundstedt Peter1718444SWE2138Rödeby SK
10Dahlqvist Hans1725980SWE1696Rödeby SK