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Festivalul International de Sah ELISABETA POLIHRONIADE - juniori 14 ani

Last update 08.11.2009 14:51:49, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Player info

NameFluture Sebastian-Petre
Starting rank84
Rating national401
Rating international0
Performance rating0
Club/CityCss Nr 1 Timisoara
Year of birth 1998


12627Zlatea Cezar-Stelian684ROUCss Nr 2 Bucuresti6,0s 0
256113Ursan Petru-Sebastian401ROUCss Nr 1 Timisoara3,0w 1
33245IILupu Cristian511ROUCs Armata Craiova5,0s 0
43337Hinsa Tudor-Vlad548ROUCsm Cluj Napoca5,5w 0
547105Puican Dumitru-Andian401ROUSc Albatros Dragasani3,0s 0
65193Matei Raul-Cornel401ROUCs Aem Luxten Timisoara3,5w ½
75092Marginean Diana-Claudia401ROUCss Tg Mures1,5s 1
845102Petre Raul-Albert401ROUCs De Sah Ioios Brasov3,5w 1
94075Barbulescu Robert-Gabriel401ROUAsc Ramnicu Valcea3,5s 1
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