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Festivalul International de Sah ELISABETA POLIHRONIADE - juniori 14 ani

Last update 08.11.2009 14:51:49, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Player info

NameOtoiu Marian-Cristian
Starting rank16
Rating national586
Rating international1586
Performance rating0
FIDE rtg +/--2,0
Club/CityCss Nr 1 Pajura Bucurest
Year of birth 1999


11673Andronache Mihai401ROUAcs De Sah Apa Nova Bucur2,5s 1
21645IILupu Cristian511ROUCs Armata Craiova5,0w 1
311Bida Mihai-Eugen2019ROUCsu Craiova8,0s 0
41147IISuciu Denis-Marius508ROUCs Tera Sah Medias5,0w ½
51843Tudor Mihai-Catalin515ROUAsociatia Sah Club Snagov5,0s 1
61133Bitica Stefania609ROUAsociatia Sah Club Rm Val5,0w 0
71941Munteanu Ariadna540ROUCs Micul Sahist Iasi5,0s ½
81751Marincas Catalina493ROUCss Nr 1 Timisoara5,0w 0
92570Gavrilescu David410ROUCs Armata Craiova4,5s 1
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