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March Lviv Tradition (IM-group B) (Memory of Maksym Yusupov) - Online games!!!

Last update 26.03.2017 13:53:15, Creator/Last Upload: lviv region cf

Starting rank list of players

7IMFrolov Artur14100134UKR2390
2IMNester Ihor14107600UKR2326
3IMKagramanianz Vartan13300202ARM2292
1FMGoluch Piotr1137840POL2288
5WIMDolzhykova Kateryna14113414UKR2243
10FMKrykun Yuriy14140667UKR2238
4Gavrish Leonid14110040UKR2217
6Sanz Wawer Daniel1185543POL2178
9Rozycki Bartlomiej1106996POL2166
8Bilych Olexiy14156504UKR1967