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Championship of Newton International School Lagoon, Doha Qatar

Last update 09.03.2017 10:59:33, Creator/Last Upload: qatar chess federation

Starting rank

1Aditya BundelaQAT1050
2Anton BologanQAT1048
3Youssef Ahmed ZakiQAT1027
4Barnaby McNeilQAT0
5Damian LadaQAT0
6Diego BallisterQAT0
7Michaella KristiantoQAT0
8Mohammed OusamaQAT0
9Mudawi Al DakhilQAT0
10Muhammad FarrasQAT0
11Nathan SmithQAT0
12Nuraly BegeyevQAT0
13Saif Al MomaniQAT0
14Youssef AhmedQAT0
15Omar MohammedQAT0