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43 Open Internacional d'Escacs Vila de Sitges - Grup B Code 159749

Last update 30.07.2017 15:38:43, Creator/Last Upload: manuel navarro perez

Player overview for NOR

43Grindbakken Erik16360NOR1001110015,032Grup B

Results of the last round for NOR

Rd.Bo.No.NamePts. ResultPts. NameNo.
92242Low Ethan4 0 - 14 Grindbakken Erik43

Player details for NOR

Grindbakken Erik 1636 NOR Rp:1688 Pts. 5,0
194Chiochia Daniel01492ESP2,5s 1
214Torralba Brosa Marc18682050ESP4,5w 0
377Mahi Amit Doshi12680IND5,5s 0
481Gardner Leo11761519ESP3,5w 1
517Aalbersberg Kroon Pedro18131979ESP3,0s 1
610Walter Travella German18922041ESP3,0w 1
712AFMElizondo Marquet Juan Marcos18870ESP6,0s 0
823Hansen Henrik Damgaard17670DEN5,5w 0
942Low Ethan16430CAN4,0s 1