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Mistrovstvi Moravy a Slezska mladeze H14

Last update 01.11.2009 12:18:31, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Player info

NameFojtu Aron
Starting rank40
Rating national1000
Rating international0
Performance rating1055
Club/CitySK Zbrojovka Vsetin
Year of birth 1997


11818Homola Jan1617CZETatran Litovel5,0w 0
22131Nemec Pavel1250CZESK Stare Mesto4,0s 0
32237Paska Josef1100CZESO Kunovice4,0w 1
41828Hromada Martin1250CZESO Kunovice4,5w 0
52239Bednarik Josef1000CZESokol Hostalkova3,5s 0
62044Mikulas Dacho1000CZETJ Mosty3,5s 0
723-bye- --- 1
82030Musil Radek1250CZESokol Zastavka3,5w ½
92141Gargulak Daniel1000CZESokol Hostalkova2,5w 1
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