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66th Greek National Chess Championship

Last update 12.03.2017 14:15:24, Creator/Last Upload: chess club union

Starting rank list of players

8GMHalkias Stelios4201809GRE2584
5GMNikolaidis Ioannis4202139GRE2557
10GMMastrovasilis Athanasios4201990GRE2551
4GMPavlidis Antonios4212312GRE2532
9GMKotronias Vasilios5900212GRE2524
2GMKelires Andreas5900727GRE2508
1Galopoulos Nikolaos4208951GRE2379
3FMSimeonidis Ioannis4202570GRE2231
6IMKaragiannis Athanasios4201256GRE2194
7Ladopoulos Dimitrios4239580GRE2075