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69th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2017 - B Div Girls

Last update 22.03.2017 08:50:34, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Anshul ChughNJCSoutNational JC
2Anvitha RajaramCGSSoutCrescent Girls
3Cai MinghuiMGSWestMGS Sec
4Chen WenxinCGSSoutCrescent Girls
5Chen YanwenNGHWestNanyang Girls High
6Chia Stephanie JainaSCSNortSCGS Sec
7Chokka Swetha PranuthiPLMEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
8Chong Ning Shiuan AudreyPLMEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
9Chua Wen Xuan TammyTKGEastTanjong Katong Girls
10Chwa ChanneRGSSoutRGS Sec
11Dinh Thao VySCSNortSCGS Sec
12Fam Ling Li ElizabethNGHWestNanyang Girls' High
13Guo JianingCGSSoutCrescent Girls
14Han YanCGSSoutCrescent Girls
15Hng Mei-En EmmanuelleNGHWestNanyang Girls High
16Ho Min-Yi CarissaRGSSoutRGS Sec
17Ingrid Wen-Hui Jeanette Morel GanMGSWestMGS Sec
18Jillella Anna JessicaCGSSoutCrescent Girls
19Kwok Teng Yan MeganCGSSoutCrescent Girls
20Law Shu HuiYTSNortYishun Town Sec
21Lee Hui Jean DeniseNGHWestNanyang Girls High
22Lee Hui LingSCSNortSCGS Sec
23Lee Huiyu LauraSCSNortSCGS Sec
24Lee Wen Qin GraceYTSNortYishun Town Sec
25Lee Zhi Yi GenesisMGSWestMGS Sec
26Lim Ai LinSCSNortSCGS Sec
27Lim Bi Xi MonicaSCSNortSCGS Sec
28Lim Jia YiTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
29Lim Sze Ting NicoleNGHWestNanyang Girls High
30Lin Chen AnRGSSoutRGS Sec
31Liu XiangningCGSSoutCrescent Girls
32Liu YitingNGHWestNanyang Girls High
33Lyu LanqingCGSSoutCrescent Girls
34Maniyar Kareena TusharSCSNortSCGS Sec
35Ng Xuan-Ning AnnaMGSWestMGS Sec
36Ng Yan Ying ChrislynRGSSoutRGS Sec
37Pang Wang Yun StephanieYTSNortYishun Town Sec
38Ramesh Kumar DaksanaCGSSoutCrescent Girls
39Sherna CahyadiPLMEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
40Shi Le FanCGSSoutCrescent Girls
41Shruthi C IyerRGSSoutRGS Sec
42Shu Zeqian DaisyNUHWestNUS High
43Sia Xin YuRGSSoutRGS Sec
44Siew Xuan HuiNUHWestNUS High
45Siew Kai XinYTSNortYishun Town Sec
46Sim Rui Qi RachelMGSWestMGS Sec
47Sim Shi Min CharmaineRGSSoutRGS Sec
48Soh Emma NataliePLMEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
49Tan Shae-LynnNGHWestNanyang Girls High
50Tan Sheryl-LynnNGHWestNanyang Girls High
51Tan Siew YingPLMEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
52Tan Yeh Min JoyPLMEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
53Tang Hui-Ting SarahTKGEastTanjong Katong Girls
54Tang Tze Ning ValerieMGSWestMGS Sec
55Teng Shi Ying RebeccaPLMEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
56Tin RuiqiNGHWestNanyang Girls High
57Wong Zi Xin AvellinRGSSoutRGS Sec
58Yee Zi YinPLMEastPaya Lebar MGS Sec
59Zhang XuCGSSoutCrescent Girls
60Zheng MayaNGHWestNanyang Girls High
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