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Aeroflot Open 2017 A

Last update 01.03.2017 20:15:22, Creator/Last Upload: st.petersburg chess federation

Player overview for SRB

63GMIndjic Aleksandar2560SRB½1½½0½1½½5,0312693Open A
80GMPavlovic Milos2512SRB00½½½½00½2,5952371Open A

Results of the last round for SRB

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
91463GMIndjic Aleksandar2560 ½ - ½ GMMotylev Alexander266315
94892IMPraggnanandhaa R24552 ½ - ½2 GMPavlovic Milos251280

Player details for SRB

GM Indjic Aleksandar 2560 SRB Rp:2693 Pts. 5,0
114GMKamsky Gata2669USA6,0w ½
212GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi2673IND5,5s 1
318GMFedoseev Vladimir2658RUS7,0w ½
425GMGupta Abhijeet2645IND5,5w ½
59GMMovsesian Sergei2679ARM5,0s 0
630GMAlekseev Evgeny2632RUS5,0s ½
745GMKulaots Kaido2590EST4,5w 1
826GMSwiercz Dariusz2645POL5,0s ½
915GMMotylev Alexander2663RUS5,0w ½
GM Pavlovic Milos 2512 SRB Rp:2371 Pts. 2,5
131GMBluebaum Matthias2632GER5,5s 0
247GMLalith Babu M R2584IND3,0w 0
369GMSchroeder Jan-Christian2543GER4,0s ½
470GMOlafsson Helgi2540ISL2,5s ½
566GMMorovic Fernandez Ivan2550CHI3,0w ½
662GMVakhidov Jahongir2561UZB3,0s ½
772GMSwapnil S. Dhopade2534IND4,5w 0
895Gusain Himal2438IND3,0w 0
992IMPraggnanandhaa R2455IND2,5s ½