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Torneig Social "Tardor 2009" Cambrils

Last update 19.12.2009 15:50:04, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 285)

Starting rank

1Baiges Navarro AlbertESP2202Cam
2Costa Berengue JoanESP2031Cam
3Tuduri Jerez ManuelESP1985Cam
4Ferre Basora PereESP1965Cam
5Franquet Montamat JordiESP1963Cam
6Reyes Brito MiguelESP1824Cam
7Vaduva PetrisorROU1765Cam
8Preez Gombau AlexanderESP1757Cam
9Serrano Navas AntonioESP1731Cam
10Sala Margalef SandraESP1705Cam