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Romanian Teams Championship - 2nd League - Men

Last update 25.10.2009 13:50:33, Creator/Last Upload: Romanian Chess Federation (Licence 10)

Team-Pairings of all rounds

Round 1 on 2009/10/19 at 15:00
1  C.S Otopeni  CSM Lugoj2:4
2  Sah Club Cugir  Sah Club Rm. Valcea:
3  C.S Conpet Ploiesti  Sah Club Potaissa Turda:
4  CMS Speranta Focsani  bye:
Round 2 on 2009/10/20 at 15:00
1  Sah Club Rm. Valcea  C.S Conpet Ploiesti:
2  CSM Lugoj  Sah Club Cugir:
3  CMS Speranta Focsani  C.S Otopeni1:5
4  Sah Club Potaissa Turda  bye:
Round 3 on 2009/10/21 at 15:00
1  Sah Club Cugir  CMS Speranta Focsani:
2  C.S Conpet Ploiesti  CSM Lugoj:
3  Sah Club Potaissa Turda  Sah Club Rm. Valcea3:3
4  C.S Otopeni  bye:
Round 4 on 2009/10/22 at 15:00
1  CSM Lugoj  Sah Club Potaissa Turda3:3
2  CMS Speranta Focsani  C.S Conpet Ploiesti1:5
3  C.S Otopeni  Sah Club Cugir5:1
4  Sah Club Rm. Valcea  bye:
Round 5 on 2009/10/23 at 15:00
1  C.S Conpet Ploiesti  C.S Otopeni3:3
2  Sah Club Potaissa Turda  CMS Speranta Focsani:
3  Sah Club Rm. Valcea  CSM Lugoj3:3
4  Sah Club Cugir  bye:
Round 6 on 2009/10/24 at 15:00
1  CMS Speranta Focsani  Sah Club Rm. Valcea2:4
2  C.S Otopeni  Sah Club Potaissa Turda3:3
3  Sah Club Cugir  C.S Conpet Ploiesti2:4
4  CSM Lugoj  bye:
Round 7 on 2009/10/25 at 08:30
1  Sah Club Potaissa Turda  Sah Club Cugir2:4
2  Sah Club Rm. Valcea  C.S Otopeni2:4
3  CSM Lugoj  CMS Speranta Focsani:
4  C.S Conpet Ploiesti  bye:
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