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2017 Dyfed Major

Last update 26.02.2017 19:08:49, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Scott PaulWLS1553
2Neave GutoWLS1515
3Taylor PaulWLS1511
4Evans GwynWLS1457
5Hammett ScottWLS1443
6Chong KimberlyWLS1441
7Taylor Robert NarayanWLS1436
8White SamWLS1411
9Watkins PeterWLS1390
10Osinga AwneWLS1386
11Holman SamWLS1334
12Jones HefinWLS1269
13Farhadi MohammadWLS1261
14Bevan PaulWLS1251
15Eddershaw JohnWLS1250
16Cooke RaymondWLS1240
17Williams AllanWLS1200
18O'Rourke KevinWLS1107
19O'Brien SamWLS1087
20Baron MargaretWLS850
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