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2017 Warwickshire Championships Under 120

Last update 26.02.2017 18:01:39, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

19Killarney Simon A117
12Ashworth Steven M111
38Ercsei Estera-Alexandra117
20Mycock Ken108
28Dicen Imogen94
614Buswell Paul111
32Steel Martin J93
84Woollaston Alan T119
6Hawthorne Julian Nh118
11Conway John114
16Davies Paul109
17Pakenham John H109
18Weaver Simon109
22Smith Peter103
29Simpson Richard94
162Johnson Mike J119
10Parry Samuel A115
13Blackburn Clive111
15Ercsei Iolanda-Elisabeta110
19Hughes Peter J108
23Fancourt Leslie J102
24Revitt Ian102
27Wood Penny A97
31Heeney Paul93
251Green Derek119
3Rayner John J119
7Watson Roy G118
21Oliver Peter Jr107
26Carter Andy S98
34Sandhu Manvith87
35Hall Les84
36Ashraf Zoha77
335Bristow Paul W118
30Dilly Suzanne93
37Faye Steve73
38Crosby Scott60
40Rebbeck Christopher0
3825Sweatman Paul101
33Brown Victor J89
4039Johal Amrissa Kaur21
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