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2017 Warwickshire Championships Under 170

Last update 26.02.2017 18:14:36, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

118O'gorman Brendan150
21Hickman John E169
9Reid Patrick D157
17Brodie Iain151
22Rahulan Thivyaa138
23Patel Devan135
73Darling Tom166
7Dalley Kevin J157
8Jackson Gary C157
102Ashcroft Graham J167
4Lewis Christopher D165
5Gostelow David W164
11Towers Nigel S156
13Lane Tim A155
1510Price Andrew156
16Fisher Simon152
20Zarev Dragomir142
21Bennett Adam140
196Burns Martin J162
14Evans Chris John153
2112Clegg Robert155
15Hibbitt Arthur M153
19Hartley Dean M145
2424Sandhu Manvith0
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