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Newton International school D-Ring championship

Last update 23.02.2017 11:58:03, Creator/Last Upload: qatar chess federation

Starting rank

1Abdelrahman ElsayedQAT0
2Adam DerarQAT0
3Ahmed MohammedQAT0
4Bsher KassoumehQAT0
5Clark Melvin MartinezQAT0
6Hadi SalmanQAT0
7Hafsah AhmedQAT0
8Jana NabilQAT0
9Jeong Jeay Ho ParkQAT0
10Kais ChahoudQAT0
11Lujine Ahmed HegaziQAT0
12Michael KhamatgaleevQAT0
13Moez Ahmed HegaziQAT0
14Mohamed AhmedQAT0
15Omar AmerQAT0
16Sama KassoumehQAT0
17Seifeldin El GanzouryQAT0
18Tamim DerarQAT0
19Zara AhmedQAT0