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Winter Kiryat Ono 2017 - Level A

Last update 30.03.2017 21:11:37, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank

1Motenko Dima2806908ISR21512107
2Bodenshtein Yair2814226ISR20382105
3Inbal Nimrod2816865ISR19772022
4Hoffmann Yair2822776ISR17071931
5Lotsov Har-Zahav Avraham2802902ISR18371922
6Noy Eyal2821117ISR17231883
7Kremer Ilay2817047ISR17501881
8Aizenberg Benny2821125ISR16191850
9Verny David2823349ISR17001833
10Dovev Noam2812797ISR17811818
11Cohen Elad2825740ISR14871749
12Tamir Roee2821532ISR16061730
13Qasem Huda2816806ISR14861705
14Kadosh Lior2822180ISR15751699