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Super Fun Girlz Cup 2017

Last update 23.04.2017 15:27:57, Creator: chess girls,Last Upload: stockholms schacksallskap

Starting rank

1Paltzer Brandy1719203SWE15541554
2Johansson Öhman Linnea1737260SWE12971297
3Geisler K√•gström Ebba1737635SWE10250
4Abouelenein Fatma1751301SWE9300
5Lundberg SiriSWE9000
6Truskavetska Solomia1744658SWE9000
7Ramstedt InesSWE8000
8Grahn TuvaSWE7600
9Monpouet Ekeram EvaSWE00
10Salim KhadijaSWE00
11Sarkis NatalSWE00
12Tvede-Jensen SigridSWE00
13Valcu LaviniaSWE00
14Wimmer ClaraSWE00
15Wimmer HildaSWE00
16Paltzer Trino1723111SWE10801080