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Victoria Chess Club Blitz Open Feb17

Last update 22.02.2017 19:57:22, Creator/Last Upload: rstravens

Starting rank

1Stravens Robert9800433Sey1781
2Balabanov Andrei128131671Sey1643
3Prokopyev Sergey9800360Sey1650
4Moodely SatyaSey1109
5Crea Elgine9800409Sey1400
6Abel Jeanne darcSey0
7Dagdeler MuratSey0
8Singireddy Subash128131653Sey0
9Erias EriadSey0
10Ssekyanzi GeraldSey0
11Rakot TokSey0
12Arson EduardSey0