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Umemästerskapet 2017

Last update 08.05.2017 19:33:01, Creator/Last Upload: vasterbotten chess federation

Starting rank list of players

9Hammarström Ulf1710214SWE2204SK Rockaden Umeå
5Nygren David1704761SWE2180SK Rockaden Umeå
7Larsson Johan1707655SWE2152SK Rockaden Umeå
8Isaksson Henrik1714708SWE2089SK Rockaden Umeå
4Hellström Magnus1705474SWE2059SK Rockaden Umeå
1Backsten Jan1735381SWE1966Akademiska Schacksällskapet Umeå
3Olofsson Henrik1714724SWE1898SK Rockaden Umeå
2Burman Jonas1715925SWE1839SK Rockaden Umeå
6Vikström Christoffer1714740SWE1830SK Rockaden Umeå