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WSCC 2017 Girls U7

Last update 30.04.2017 17:59:37, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 30)

Player info

NameLitcanu Tiana
Starting rank12
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating1058
Year of birth 2010


11226Tynyshtyk Diana0KAZ5,0w 0
21428Zhumagali Raian0KAZ6,0s 0
31224Somarathne L H M G S0SRI2,5w 1
41216Mudalige S M I Umandi0SRI4,0s 1
5923Skurygina Sofiya0KAZ5,0s 1
6627Yildiz Kubra0TUR5,0w 0
7920Saara Jain0IND3,5w 1
8511Kaliakhmet Elnaz0KAZ5,0s 0
972Singh Ziana1133FID4,0w 1
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