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Bishkek Park Cup 2017 U11 Girls

Last update 17.02.2017 21:32:55, Creator/Last Upload: kyrgyzstan chess federation

Starting rank

1Kudainazarova Daira13805541KGZ0
2Aisultanova Aruuke13805550KGZ0
3Asanova Arina13802984KGZ1144
4Balgarbekova Asel13805568KGZ0
5Zhumabekova Dana13805576KGZ0
6Zhorobekova Zarina13805584KGZ0
7Zhorobekova Halima13805592KGZ0
8Zarylbekova Amina13803735KGZ0
9Koilubaeva Zhyldyz13805606KGZ0
10Momunkulova Imannur13803131KGZ0
11Orozbekova Aiiza13804464KGZ0
12Rysbergenova Amina13805614KGZ0
13Rysbergenova Rabia13805622KGZ0
14Sezdbekova Nazira13802739KGZ0
15Sezdbekova Aizhan13803590KGZ0
16Tsoi Anastasia13805630KGZ0
17Esenbek Kyzy Aizhyldyz13803573KGZ1132
18Nazhimudinova A13805649KGZ0