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Bristol Spring 2017 Major

Last update 26.02.2017 20:17:11, Creator/Last Upload: geoff gammon

Starting rank

1Georgiou GeorgeENG150Swindon
2Jukes Sam1803182WLS150Barry
3Radford Robert PENG150Keynsham
4Millener Richard PENG148North Bristol
5Walker Adrian N22286594ENG146Stroud
6Borkowski J AndrewENG145Thornbury Bristol
7Langford AlexanderENG145Southampton Uni
8Manning Peter A441902ENG145New Milton
9Pickup Ian RENG144Downend & Fishponds
10Macarthur Duncan M449083ENG143Keynsham
11Strong Chris M424986ENG142Clevedon
12Hosdurga Chirag438189ENG141Bristol Juniors
13Jones Timothy MENG140Bristol & Clifton
14Williams DaveWLS140Malpas
15Papier Alan R470848ENG139Bristol & Clifton
16Dimond Peter DENG135Bath
17Williams Stephen1803140WLS135Cwmbran
18Brown Christian K435830ENG134Bath
19Worrall Martin C448044ENG133Taunton
20Carver Anthony WrENG128Bristol & Clifton
21Rogers David RENG128Exmouth
22Sage Antony JENG128Bath
23Stubbs Oliver441325ENG128Downend & Fishponds
24Marston Alastair Jd443778ENG126Bristol Cabot
25Hurley JakeWLS125Cardiff
26Bonutto Stephen1804260WLS118Barry
27Leroy JasonENG109North Bristol
28Walker MaxENG105Churchill Academy