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Camaguey 503 Aniversario (Juvenil)

Last update 09.02.2017 14:19:15, Creator/Last Upload: pinkycuba

Starting rank list of players

3Saiz Rodriguez Daniel Evelio3523420CUB2082
5Ramirez Borges Elieny Yuliet3520447CUB2019
7Fernandez Bustamante Leancy Beatriz3523870CUB1992
9Diaz Del Valle Laura Beatriz3520374CUB1954
2Santiesteban Garce Betsandra3521648CUB1954
1Rodriguez Guerra Melissa3520463CUB1935
6Valido Barroso Melissa3519783CUB1883
10Ramos Martin Lisandra3524590CUB1875
8Del Rosario Silva Dexnisi3523500CUB1773
4Echavarria Gonzalez Mariana Yasira3520382CUB1593