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Provincial Sub8 Valladolid

Last update 11.02.2017 19:40:32, Creator/Last Upload: rubengonzalez

Starting rank list of players

5Alvarez Gomez IanESP0Promesas
2Arroyo Garcia MarinaESP0Granja AGM Hor
9Diaz Tarillo RaulESP0Granja AGM Hor
1Emilia Rambla ElenaESP0Granja AGM Hor
3Herrero Dominguez JaimeESP0Granja AGM Hor
8Llorente Bombin GuillermoESP0Promesas
6Lopez Garcia PatriciaESP0Granja AGM Hor
4Ortega Bartolome Jorge24591173ESP0Promesas
7Velasco CaƱibano AlejandroESP0Granja AGM Hor