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Abha Chess Qualification Tournament 2017 17-18 Feb.

Last update 06.03.2017 10:36:32, Creator/Last Upload: fa yaser al otaibi

Starting rank

1Al Amri Fahad H21510407KSA0
2Al Awad Naser21510415KSA0
3Al Hifzi Mohammed21510423KSA0
4Al Qadi Mohammed21501190KSA0
5Al Qahtani Ali M21510431KSA0
6Al Qahtani Yasser21510440KSA0
7Al Sulami Jameel H21508224KSA0
8AlQahtani Abulahman21510458KSA0
9Asiri Faisl M21510466KSA0
10Assiri Ali Ahmed21508259KSA0
11Bellali Ahmad M21508267KSA0
12Dhofayer Saad Ali21510474KSA0
13Habbash Saad21508283KSA0
14Marwy Ali21508321KSA0